Marc Tardif, en av de som jobber hos Gearbox, har gitt et intervju til GameSpy.com i anledningen av annonseringen av HaloCE. I intervjuet nevner han mye spennende om det kommende HaloCE, og hvorfor denne forandringen skjer etc.

En av de tingene jeg fant mest interresant var dette:
"GameSpy: Are there any plans for Gearbox to create and release any new content? Do you see Gearbox creating/releasing any new levels or game modes in the future?

Marc Tardif: The Halo team at Gearbox has created a few new maps since the game has released, but we're not releasing them at the same time that we release this new software. Our new maps do need a bit more attention before they can be released, and we also want to see how the community responds to all the great, new things that HaloCE and the HEK allow. We know that with the HEK, there will be huge amounts of new content coming from end users and we have an interest in seeing the best of this material join our own maps as official maps. In the future, I expect we'll have more official maps, and I think that not all of these maps will have been created solely by the folks at Gearbox."